Susan Walsh – Research Fellow

Susan Walsh was Research Fellow in the School of Art, Design and Performing Arts, based at the Centre For Contemporary Art, although she is no longer involved.

Her research Documenting Changing Britain : Shelter Below The Poverty Line is both location and studio based and incorporated her investigations into basic needs survival within ‘outsider’ communities such as, the homeless, migrants and roma travellers.

One of her areas of research included creating of models/vehicles which could be used for shelter including adapting ready made objects and recycling materials.





CART in Durham

Susan Walsh’s most recent work includes:

Satellite Navigation /CART in Durham A museum and site based project in which volunteers pulled a farm cart through both Preston and Durham loaded with  objects essential for being on the move, this allowed questions to be raised around the invisibility of life in transit.

Significant Other/Blue Plaques The English Heritage Blue Plaques make visible the efforts made by select members of society; based on this practice she created a series of ‘Alternative’ Blue Plaques placed in sheltered locations in Preston, showing some small acknowledgment of the way many homeless people exist and survive without permanent refuge in the 21st century.

With Prof Lubaina Himid she co-directed the interdisciplinary visual art research project Making Histories Visible based at UCLan and contributed the show reel Images and Conversations from  the 1980s to the exhibition Thin Black Line(s) at Tate Britain in 2011.

 Past projects include:

Rub A Tub Senior – Invisible Wash

We make work about the invisible and the unrecorded. Rub a Tub Senior – Invisible Wash is our most recent collaboration. Susan Walsh thinks about people with transient lives, the objects they rescue, carry with them and treasure in a new place. Lubaina overpaints old objects with patterns, portraits and texts to make new readings […]

CART in Durham

CART in Durham is part of “Is it time?” a multi-artform,multi-disciplinary project that involves academics, artists, cultural organisations, communities and the general public in a range of interactive activities, performances and events in County Durham between October 2012 and June 2013. A mini museum and cinema exploring the possibilities and revealing the evidence of how people can […]

Moments that Matter

Moments that Matter : Trophy Cups  is a collaboration between WE PLAY EXPO, Harris Museum & Art Gallery and artists Lubaina Himid, Rebecca Chesney, Susan Walsh and Denise Swanson. Exhibition 31 August – 3 November 2012 10th October at 1pm in the Watercolour Gallery the Harris Museum & Art Gallery will host a lunchtime talk by Lubaina […]

Galleon Shack - Lubaina Himid

Distance No Object

Bowes Museum- Barnard Castle 2004/5 The exhibition and intervention Distance No Object pays homage to the process of collecting objects from far afield, of bringing them together in order for the flow of humanity’s generations to make sense of and to place value in them. In the early discussions with the artists who have contributed to Distance No Object – […]