Museum Collaborations

During the past 11 years we have worked closely with a number of museums and galleries to highlight through the installation of new art work specific but neglected aspects of their collections. In doing so we have assisted in the development of their strategies for broadening participation. We are interested in initiating ways of communicating and developing ideas with diverse audiences and artists around temporary exhibitions, collection displays and public events.

As an integral part of past collaborations we have offered exhibition tours, illustrated lectures, the sharing of contextual materials. We encourage opportunities for audiences to network with artists and curators.We work on a continuous basis with museums building innovative projects around audience development, site co-ordination, archive intervention and social and political balance in purchasing.

Having worked with several museums (Tate, the V&A, St Jorgens, The Bowes, The Hatton , The Harris and more recently Lancashire Museums Service, Manchester Museums Service and Liverpool Museums Service) on research projects directly concerned with artists from the black diaspora. We are constantly in demand to develop work with a number of nationally based internationally recognised organisations. This work is at its most effective as live and experiential, as exhibitions, small displays, web based interactions, family or childrens events, scholarly symposia and accessible dvd /text publications.

We always demand and often achieve open access to the workings of each organisation, including visitor information, archive and collection resources, display and exhibition space. We are able to access the long standing expertise of marketing and publicity teams, audience development and education teams as well as senior curators and project managers within the service.


Rub A Tub Senior – Invisible Wash

We make work about the invisible and the unrecorded. Rub a Tub Senior – Invisible Wash is our most recent collaboration. Susan Walsh thinks about people with transient lives, the objects they rescue, carry with them and treasure in a new place. Lubaina overpaints old objects with patterns, portraits and texts to make new readings […]

Mobile Emergency Room @ Zimbabwe Pavilion

1 June – 30 Sept. 2013 For more info go to Mobile Emergency Room @ Zimbabwe Pavilion Thierry Geoffroy/ Colonel and participating artists 55th Venice Biennale

CART in Durham

CART in Durham is part of “Is it time?” a multi-artform,multi-disciplinary project that involves academics, artists, cultural organisations, communities and the general public in a range of interactive activities, performances and events in County Durham between October 2012 and June 2013. A mini museum and cinema exploring the possibilities and revealing the evidence of how people can […]

Moments that Matter

Moments that Matter : Trophy Cups  is a collaboration between WE PLAY EXPO, Harris Museum & Art Gallery and artists Lubaina Himid, Rebecca Chesney, Susan Walsh and Denise Swanson. Exhibition 31 August – 3 November 2012 10th October at 1pm in the Watercolour Gallery the Harris Museum & Art Gallery will host a lunchtime talk by Lubaina […]

We Face Forward

2 June to 16 September as part of London 2012 Festival  We Face Forward  a season of contemporary art and music from West Africa, celebrated across Manchester’s galleries, museums, music venues and public spaces from 2 June to 16 September as part of London 2012 Festival. It is the first major collaboration between Manchester City Galleries and […]

Lubaina Himid: Cotton Global Threads

Cotton: Global Threads

11 February – 13 May 2012 –  Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester Lubaina Himid  –  COTTON: Global Threads Late winter and spring sees all the ground floor galleries at the Whitworth combining to tell a compelling story about the production, consumption and global trade in cotton. With exhibits ranging in date from the late Middle Ages to […]

Tailor, Singer, Striker, Dandy: new work by Lubaina Himid

Lubaina Himid explores provocative issues around black identity, and for this show, she has researched and selected pieces from the gallery’s West African textile collection. She has reinterpreted these in large cut-out figures, painted to express the conflicts and the convergences in contemporary and historic male identity. Lubaina Himid’s exhibition is part of the London 2012 […]

Jelly Mould Pavilions - Lubaina Himid

Jelly Mould Pavilion

The Liverpool Jelly Mould Pavilion Project, is a city wide multi site collaboration with Liverpool Museums Service. The Jelly Mould Pavilions for Liverpool were launched on the 27th March 2010 as part of a 30 piece display at Sudley House and in smaller groups at Merseyside Maritime Museum, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Williiamson Art Gallery, Jacksons Art Shop and […]

Uncomfortable Truths

2007 Victoria & Albert Museum 2007 saw the bi-centenary of the parliamentary abolition of the British slave trade. To commemorate this landmark year, not just in British history but in human history, the V&A held a number of activities throughout 2007. The exhibition, Uncomfortable Truths: The Shadow of Slave Trading on Contemporary Art was held at the V&A […]

Swallow Hard - Lubaina Himid

Swallow Hard

Swallow Hard: The Lancaster Dinner Service was a museum intervention for the Judges Lodgings Lancaster and part of a two year collaboration with Lancashire Museums Service. The project was managed by Susan Ashworth (Lancashire Museums) and Susan Walsh (UCLAN). During the summer of 2007 as part of a larger project ABOLISHED initiated by STAMP and the Museums […]

Inside the invisible - Lubaina Himid

Inside the Invisible

St. Jorgens Museum Bergen Norway 2001 The collaboration with St Jorgens Museum developed from discussions following a visit to the museum in 2000. Audiences to the 18th century buildings tended to be visitors interested in the history of medicine in general and leprosy in particular. The curator was keen to develop relationships with the local community surrounding […]

Galleon Shack - Lubaina Himid

Distance No Object

Bowes Museum- Barnard Castle 2004/5 The exhibition and intervention Distance No Object pays homage to the process of collecting objects from far afield, of bringing them together in order for the flow of humanity’s generations to make sense of and to place value in them. In the early discussions with the artists who have contributed to Distance No Object – […]

Drowned Orchard Secret Boatyard

Drowned Orchard Secret Boatyard at The Gwangju Biennale 2014 Burning Down The House. The paintings displayed in various vitrines and alongside dioramas in the Gwangju Folk Museum questioned the prized aspects of everyday life, Lubaina Himid  interrogated how the changing means of production and consumption, while encouraging increased material wealth and comfort, also result in […]