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Jelly Mould Pavilion

The Liverpool Jelly Mould Pavilion Project, is a city wide multi site collaboration with Liverpool Museums Service.

The Jelly Mould Pavilions for Liverpool were launched on the 27th March 2010 as part of a 30 piece display at Sudley House and in smaller groups at Merseyside Maritime Museum, Lady Lever Art Gallery, Williiamson Art Gallery, Jacksons Art Shop and Blackburne House Cafe. Visit them all and make your choice.

The Pavilions project is designed to find solutions to the challenge of how to commemorate the contribution made by the people of the African diaspora to the history, culture and rich fabric of the city of Liverpool. How can genuine laughter and the potential for lasting togetherness be celebrated?

Can misunderstandings and ignorance be resolved?  How can what seems to be the permanent impact of exploitation be addressed?

The answers could be found through honest conversation, an exchange of memories and a sharing of creative achievements.

Choose the Pavilion you would like to place in the best location, with the most beautiful vista, in which you might spend time with a valued companion to try to solve the challenge.

What are monuments for?

The Jelly Moulds displayed are models for Pavilions in which the people of Liverpool might at last get the chance to quietly contemplate some possibilities for change, by talking about the potential for a joining together or even by singing about our international histories and how they are connected. The decorated ceramic models are covered in brightly coloured patterns, familiar texts and everyday portraits. You will recognise symbols of the city itself and its history of links to the African continent.

Liverpool already has hundreds of monuments and memorial sculptures, many commemorative gardens, squares and contemporary artworks. The city has heritage societies, local scholars, brilliant students and recognised experts living and working on Merseyside, all of whom are able to inform us about the historical events, international personalities, fallen heroes and victims of conflict; some fondly remembered others completely forgotten . Why add to this?

The project by Lubaina Himid asks how we can anticipate inevitable change in towns and cities and how we see the practicalities of these changes manifesting. The displays identify and propose ideas around communication and celebration to create a visual representation of future harmony .

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Jelly Mould Pavilions - Lubaina Himid  JM_42.6983919_stdJM_34.7483314_std

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