Black Archive & Collection

The Black Archive & Collection houses an extensive number of letters and reviews, posters and invites from exhibitions and events from the Black Diaspora spanning the 1980s + 1990’s to the present day.

We also house a unique collection of paperworks, catalogues and images by Black artists including Chris Ofili, Sonia Boyce, Maud Sulter, Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe, Lubaina Himid, Claudette Johnson, Ingrid Pollard, George Hallet and Ben Patterson.

It's all in your head, man - Lubaina Himid

It’s all in your head, man – Lubaina Himid

Black Artists Archive Collection

Box 1 Contents – Catalogues 1983 – 1988 Box 2 Contents -Reviews 1989 – 1989 Box 3 Contents -Brochures, Leaflets and Flyers 1983 – 1990s Box 4 Contents – Magazines 1986 – 88 Box 5 Contents – Letters 1998 – 1999 Box 6 Contents -Invitations 1980 – 1999  Box 7 Contents – Images 1980s Box 8 Contents – […]

Black Artists Catalogue Collection

This collection of black artists catalogues include some unique and now quite rare examples of publications although it is not a comprehensive collection it does include an important and useful overview of some of the artists working and exhibiting in the 1980’s +90’s. The collection is housed in the OpenArchive at the Centre for Contemporary Art. The […]

Black Artists Print and Paper Work Collection

Sonia Boyce – 2 works Paul Clarkson – 2 works Raimi Gbadamosi – 1 work George Hallet – 24 works Lubaina Himid – 1 work Claudette Johnson – 1 work Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe – 12 works Chantal Oakes – 1 work Chris Ofili – 1 work Ben Patterson – 1 work Ingrid Pollard – 1 work […]

Black Artists Slide Collection

Includes images of artists working and exhibiting in the 1980’ s – Lubaina Himid Sonia Boyce Lorna Simpson Simone Alexander Marlene Smith Veronica Ryan Ptika Ntuli Ingrid Pollard Delta Streete Tom Joseph Sutapa Biswas Keith Piper Houria Niati Claudette Johnson Sylbert Bolton Brenda Agard Pogus Ceasar Donald Rodney Shakka Dedi Maud Sulter Jennifer Comrie

Photo: Jeanne Moutaoussamy-Ashe

Photo: Jeanne Moutaoussamy-Ashe