What’s in the Boxes?

CCA_MG_8547 1We are currently cataloging this extensive collection of letters and reviews, posters and invites from exhibitions and events from the Black Diaspora spanning the 1980s and 1990s to the present day. Currently the lists of contents for Boxes 1 – 30 have been made available for viewing.  (Boxes  27, 28, 29, 30 are in progress).

Box 1 Content – Catalogues 1983-1988

Himid R.A. Lubaina, and Sonia Boyce, Claudette Johnson, Houria Niati, Veronica Ryan, 5 Black Women, Africa Centre Gallery, London, 16 September – 14 October 1983, 9 page catalogue with artists CV’s. Spalding, Julien, Foreword, and Himid, Lubaina, Pogus Caesar, Into The Open – New Paintings, Prints and Sculpture by Contemporary Black Artists. (Subsidised by the […]

Box 2 Contents – Reviews 1987 – 1989

New Robes For MaShulan, Lubaina Himid and Maud Sulter, Exhibition Review by Robert Clark, The Guardian, 5 November, 1987, page 26. Two original copies. Plus one A4 photocopy. Joan Bakewell in ‘Bakewell’s View’ column,’ Artists stoke up the race debate’. Review of The Other Story: Asian, African, and Caribbean Artists in Post-War Britain, the Hayward […]

Box 3 Contents – Brochures, Leaflets & Flyers 1983-1990s

Black Woman Time Now, Lubaina Himid, Fishing Leaflet cast list, designer, director. November 29 – December 3, 1983  Stoke City Art Gallery, Lubaina Himid statement for ‘Palaces of Culture’and CV, 1987 SONG OF LAWINO by Okot p’Bitek, Acacia Theatre Trust Limited Leaflet, West Indian Sports Social Club, Westwood Street, Moss-Side, 7.30pm Thursday 15 Oct, 1987 The […]

Box 4 Contents – Magazines 1980s

City Limits Magazine, Issue 256, August 28 – September 4, 1986. Listing for ‘From Two Worlds’, Whitechapel Art Gallery, p.59 Greater London Arts, Quarterly, Issue 12, Summer 1988. Article Newham and the City of London, p.22. Lubaina Himid image ‘Ballad of the Wing’ Tom Allen Centre. City Limits Magazine, Issue 343, April 28 – May […]

Box 5 Contents – Letters 1998-1999

Luke Rittner, Arts Council Letter to Lubaina Himid i.e. resignation from Arts Project Committee, 24 March 1988 Shakka Dedi, Obaala, Standard letter to Lubaina Himid for participation in publication to document Afrikan Caribbean Art Activity in the 1980’s. Dated 20 December 1988 Shakka Dedi, Obaala, Postcard to Lubaina Himid regarding work collection dates, dated 18 […]

Box 6 Contents – Invitations 1980-89

5 Black Women – Invite, Africa Centre Gallery ,London 16 September – 14 October 1983 Black Woman Time Now, Battersea Arts Centre, Invite, 30 November – 31 December, 1983 Acava, More Works by Houria Niati, Invite, The Central Space Gallery, 23-29 Faroe Road, London, 8 – 29 April 1984 The Thin Black Line, Invite, ICA, […]

Box 7 Contents – Images 1980s

Black British Cultural Studies A Reader, book cover, colour photocopy image, Freedom and Change by Lubaina Himid, 1984 Roundhouse Mural by Lubaina Himid (b/w Image, loose page). Ronald Tramplin, ed, The Arts – History of the 20th Century – Global Cross Currents, page 217 Framing Feminism and the Woman’s Movement 1970 – 1985, Griselda Pollock […]

Box 8 Contents – Listings

Arts Media Group and MAAS – Black Arts in London, including – The Thin Black Line ICA, Lubaina Himid. GLC Anti-Racist Murals, Let Rip, Maud Sulter, Damara Designs, Leslee Wills. Listing Guide Issue Number 43 – November 1 -15 1985 Black Arts In London Listings Guide: Black Theatre, Film, Dance, Visual Arts and Events in […]

Box 9 Contents – Press Releases 1983-89

5 Black Women at the Africa Centre, Exhibition of Drawings, Paintings and Sculpture, Press Release, 5 September to 14 October, 1983 Lubaina Himid, A Fashionable Marriage Exhibition Press Release, The Pentonville Gallery, London, 1986 New Robes For MaShulan, A Room For MaShulan, Lubaina Himid and Maud Sulter, Rochdale Art Gallery, Esplanade, Rochdale, Press Release, Preview […]

Box 10 Contents – Posters

Fishing, sets and costume by Lubaina Himid – Battersea Arts Centre-Event Poster, Nov 29 – Dec 3 One Spirit Gallery, London, Chila Kumari Burman. Exhibition of Prints and Paintings, 24 Feb – 24 Mar – Exhibition Poster Designs On Gender, Monday 30 Jan – Friday 3 Feb, The Polytechnic, Wolverhampton, A series of talks, films […]

Box 11 Contents – Essays & Texts 1985-88

Fragments – An exploration of everyday Black Creativity and its relationship to political change, Lubaina Himid, FAN Magazine Vol. Two. No 8, essay and b/w image – Detail from 3 Women at the Fountain, 1985 Short Story by Lubaina Himid, English Mystics, 23 pages, 1988, plus letter from Jen Green, The Women’s Press. Lubaina Himid, […]

Box 12 Contents – Gtr London Arts Documents 1980s

BLACK ARTS POLICY AND STRATEGY, Greater London Arts Draft Document AN ANTI-RACIST CODE OF PRACTICE, Greater London Arts Draft Document

Box 13 Contents – Flyers & Information Sheets 1990s

Europe without Frontiers Postcolonial cinema, Day Conference Information Sheet, National Film Theatre 8-13 October, 1990 Armet Francis, Children Of The Black Triangle, Information Sheet for new book with introduction by Djibril Diallo, 1990 Kara Walker Activity Space Flyer, Tate Liverpool, Albert Dock, Liverpool, L3 4BB IN FOCUS, Horizon Gallery, 70 Marchmont Street, London, WC1N 1AB, […]

Box 14 Contents – Press releases, Exhibition information & Newsletters 1990s

Museum Maud Sulter, exhibition brochure, exhibition runs from 11 April – 2 June 1990, Oldham Art Gallery, Oldham Cultural Quarter, Greaves St, Oldham OL1 1AL A day in the life of Black Los Angeles, exhibition information sheet, exhibition featuring 10 gifted Black photographers from Southern California, curated by Roland Charles, 12 July – 10 August, […]

Box 15 Contents – Catalogues 1990-93

Claudette Johnson, Pushing Back The Boundaries, Foreword by curator Lubaina Himid, Exhibition catalogue. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data, Johnson, Claudette, 1959- Claudette Johnson. 1. English Visual Arts. Johnson, Claudette, I. Title II. Sulter, Maud, 1960-, 709.2 ISBN 1-87-2124-26-7 September, 1990  Treatise On The Sublime, Maud Sulter and Lubaina Himid, exhibition catalogue. Exhibition curated by […]

Box 16 Contents – Catalogues 1994 – 1997

Black Male Representations of Masculinity in Contemporary American Art, An Introduction for Students Exhibition catalogue, Whitney Museum of American Art, 945 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10021, 10 November 1994 – 5 March 1995 SAHLI Abderrazak Sahli Exhibition catalogue Bakou, including price list, with foreword by Rose Issa. Leighton House Museum, 12 Holland Park […]

Box 17 Contents – Essays and Reviews 1990–1998

Andre Serano interview in Contemporanea International Art Magazine, November 1990 Number 22. Bearing the cross by Patrick Finnegan p.33 – p.35 Transformation of the Object, copies of the exhibition reviews in German press. 15 pages and hand written compliments slip addressed to Lubaina Himid The Ballad of The Wing, Article by Lubaina Himid, p.13 – […]

Box 18 Contents – Invitations 1990 – 1999

Now for the Future, Private View Invitation with Keith Piper image (You are now entering) Mau Mau country, 1983, Purchases for the Arts Council Collection since 1984, Hayward Gallery, South Bank Centre, London, Wednesday 7 March, 1 – 8pm, exhibition from 8 March – 6 May, 1990 Claudette Johnson Pushing Back The Boundaries and Blackwomen’s […]

Box 19 Contents – Brochures & Leaflets 1990 – 99

Arts Council Collection Acquisitions 1984-88 Catalogue Volume 3, with detail of image, Scenes from the Life of Toussaint L’Ouverture 1987, by Lubaina Himid on the cover Women Make Movies Catalogue of Films and Video Supplement 1990 – 91. Cover image from Night Cries by Tracey Moffatt. Women Make Movies, Inc. 225 Lafayette Street, New York, […]

Box 20 Contents – Posters 1990–1999

BREATHS, Exhibition Poster, An Exhibition of gara and batik textiles by Fosuwa Andoh featuring poem by Birago Diop from the album Good News by Sweet Honey in the rock and colour image. The Pavilion, 235 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 3AP. Exhibition runs from 24 September – 31 October, 1990 A day in the life of […]

Box 21 Contents – Slide Images 1990 – 1999

Delta Street, Performance images, 13 colour slides Lorna Simpson, Magdelena ( 63×78 inches) 1992, 1 colour slide, Josh Baer Gallery Robyn Kahukiwa, Various works, 9 colour slides, 2 negative images, 8 colour photographs 6×4 inches Maud Sulter Thirty Years, CD-ROM

Box 22 Contents – Miscellaneous /Reference Information 1990-1998

Revivals! Diverse Traditions The History Of Twentieth Century American Craft 1920- 1945. African, American, Appalachian, Colonial Revival, Hispanic, Native American. Edited by Janet Kardon, American Craft Museum. Photocopied pages (5) from the book. Sea Breezes Mail Order Bookshop for the best maritime books, photocopied listing pages (2) showing, ‘A Sailor Boy’s Experience Aboard a Slave […]

Box 23 Contents – Magazines 1990-1998

AND Journal of Art & Art Education Magazine, featuring article ‘The Ballad of the Wing – Lubaina Himid’, pages 13 – 16, (photocopied insert). Issue No.21, 1990 FAN Magazine Women, Modernism, Modernity, featuring articles ‘In The woodpile’ by Lubaina Himid, p2, ‘In the Deep’ by Delta Streete, p16, ‘The Making of NECROPOLIS’ by Maud Sulter, […]

Box 24 Contents – Miscellaneous Images 1990-1999

Olive Pollard in her garden, Autumn 1990, B/W Photograph by Ingrid Pollard, Image from Passion Discourses On Blackwomen’s Creativity Edited by Maud Sulter, p168, 1990 Delta Street Publicity shot, In The Deep, B/W Photograph by Maud Sulter, Image from Passion Discourses On Blackwomen’s Creativity Edited by Maud Sulter, p106, 1990 Lesley Sanderson, Fuck The British […]

Box 25 Contents – Listings 1991–1997

News from Silver Moon, Silver Moon Quarterly Number 18. Listing PASSION Discourses On Blackwomen’s Creativity, Edited and Introduced by Maud Sulter, Photography by Ingrid Pollard, UFP. 68 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0BB, 1991 Whats On, The ARTS Centre Listing Guide, May, June, July, August 1992, Listing Maud Sulter: Hysteria Exhibition, Art installation at Myles […]

Box 26 Contents – Peg Alston 1990s

Cultural Links in Watercolor Exhibition by Lubaina Himid, April 18 – May 1 1992. Price List with handwritten notes and accompanying artist CV sheet. Peg Alston Fine Arts 407 Central Park West, Suite 6C, New York, New York 10025 Peg Alston Collection/Rochdale Gallery List, Art Selections for Exhibit, seven pages with 52 artist/work details dated […]

Box 27 Contents – Notes & texts 1990s

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Box 28 Contents – Letters, Information, Maps etc

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Box 29 Contents – Conferences & Symposiums 1990s

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Box 30 Contents – Letters 1990

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