Box 2 Contents – Reviews 1987 – 1989

  1. New Robes For MaShulan, Lubaina Himid and Maud Sulter, Exhibition Review by Robert Clark, The Guardian, 5 November, 1987, page 26. Two original copies. Plus one A4 photocopy.
  2. Joan Bakewell in ‘Bakewell’s View’ column,’ Artists stoke up the race debate’. Review of The Other Story: Asian, African, and Caribbean Artists in Post-War Britain, the Hayward gallery, London, (29 November – 4 February) 1989
  3. Brian Sewell – Pride or Prejudice? Art review of The Other Story, 1989
  4. John Cunningham – Scaling the walls. Art review of The Other Story, 1989
  5. Andrew Graham-Dixon, Palaces of Culture review, ‘A museum of mirrors’, The Independent, 25 September, 1987
  6. Waldemar Januszczak, Anger at hand, The Thin Black Line review, Arts Guardian, the Guardian, 27 November, 1985. Plus one photocopy.
  7. Emanuel Cooper, On Black Art, Book review, Time Out, page 39, February 1-8, 1989
  8. Time out review of Ballad of the Wing, Chisenhale Gallery, 26 July, Time Out issue No. 988, 1989
  9. City Limit review of Ballad of the Wing, 13 July – 20 July, issue No. 406, 1989
  10. Paint it black, Critics’ Choice Visual Art Review on The Other Story Exhibition by Tom Hilton.
  11. Subverting the notion of the authentic Black subject, extract from review article;From Essential Black Subject To Cultural Black Subject(s) – Exploring the Photographic Practices of Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Ingrid Pollard & Maxine Walker by David A Bailey, Autograph Newsletter, June 1989
  12. The Art Of The Matter, Review of State of the Art, a book, TV series and exhibition by Sarah Kent, Time Out Magazine, January 7 -14 1987
  13. Pan Afrikan Connection comment and review by Lubaina Himid
  14. Reel to Reel: Explorations around Black Women in Film
  15. Betsey Brown by Ntozake Shange, Methuen Press, Book review by Jacqui Verrall, 1985. Land Of Rope and Tory by Marsha PRESCOD, Africa Press Poetry Series, Book review by Dorothea Smartt, November, 1985
  16. Art Different diasporas – Amanda Sebestyen on sustaining the politics of resistance in black British Art, Review discussing Donald Rodney, Shaheen Merali and Keith Piper, New Statesman & Society, February 3, 1989
  17. Chila Kumari Burman, Review by Hiroko Hagiwara, pages 28,29, FAN Magazine, Vol Three, No.1
  18. Every Sculpture Tells A Story A Profile of Bill Ming by Richard Barlow, Stepping Out, February, 1989
  19. Painter Philemona Williamson by Curtia James, Essence Magazine, August 1987
  20. Brenda Agard Profile, September, 1985
  21. 12Black Arts in America by Adeola Solanke, British American Arts Association, from First Glance, May 1989
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