Negative Positives

Guardian Paperworks Every edition of the paper that year (2007) was examined for images and texts in which a black person played a central role. We found that the paper, no doubt in the interests of good design and witty narrative used black people in a very subtle way which could be said to undermine their identity. […]

Northern Art Prize

Northern Art Prize artist Lubaina Himid winner of the People’s Choice Award 2011   Northern Art Prize  –  preparing the art work for the opening launch,  Lubaina’s assistant Andy Greenacre carefully prepares and places each Jelly Pavilion and the many miniature model figures, under the artists’ direction:                   For more information […]

The Pavilions Project

Imagine a competition with entries by architects from 52 African countries including Tanzania, Mali, Nigeria Senegal and Mozambique, all commissioned to design a Pavilion for Liverpool. The Pavilions project is designed  to find solutions to the challenge of how to commemorate the contribution made by the people of the African diaspora to the history, culture and rich fabric […]

Black Monuments in Liverpool

Commemorating Abolition  The Project Anniversary Events  STAMP “Monuments” by Lubaina Himid The question you could ask first is  – Who are monuments for? Only when this has been asked and the many questions and claims, which will arise from this first question, have at least been acknowledged, can anyone begin to talk about what that monument might look […]

The Point of Collection

Tate/UCLan Film Project – Making Histories Visible Collaborative project led by Professor Lubaina Himid The Point of Collection is the second DVD and publication research resource document, this time exploring the entire national collection at Tate including accessing works in the Tate store, which are not available to view on the Tate web site. Sample Text […]

Open Sesame Tate/Uclan Film Project

Collaborative project led by Professor Lubaina Himid. Open Sesame launched in 2005, reveals black artist’s experiences of the Tate galleries: Tate Britain, Modern, Liverpool and St Ives from both artist and audience points of view. The research included visits to Tate gallery archives, meetings with education officers and other relevant people and several on-going meetings and […]

Galleon Shack - Lubaina Himid

Distance No Object

Bowes Museum- Barnard Castle 2004/5 The exhibition and intervention Distance No Object pays homage to the process of collecting objects from far afield, of bringing them together in order for the flow of humanity’s generations to make sense of and to place value in them. In the early discussions with the artists who have contributed to Distance No Object – […]

Inside the invisible - Lubaina Himid

Inside the Invisible

St. Jorgens Museum Bergen Norway 2001 The collaboration with St Jorgens Museum developed from discussions following a visit to the museum in 2000. Audiences to the 18th century buildings tended to be visitors interested in the history of medicine in general and leprosy in particular. The curator was keen to develop relationships with the local community surrounding […]

Swallow Hard - Lubaina Himid

Swallow Hard

Swallow Hard: The Lancaster Dinner Service was a museum intervention for the Judges Lodgings Lancaster and part of a two year collaboration with Lancashire Museums Service. The project was managed by Susan Ashworth (Lancashire Museums) and Susan Walsh (UCLAN). During the summer of 2007 as part of a larger project ABOLISHED initiated by STAMP and the Museums […]

Uncomfortable Truths

2007 Victoria & Albert Museum 2007 saw the bi-centenary of the parliamentary abolition of the British slave trade. To commemorate this landmark year, not just in British history but in human history, the V&A held a number of activities throughout 2007. The exhibition, Uncomfortable Truths: The Shadow of Slave Trading on Contemporary Art was held at the V&A […]