Box 22 Contents – Miscellaneous /Reference Information 1990-1998

  1. Revivals! Diverse Traditions The History Of Twentieth Century American Craft 1920- 1945. African, American, Appalachian, Colonial Revival, Hispanic, Native American. Edited by Janet Kardon, American Craft Museum. Photocopied pages (5) from the book.
  2. Sea Breezes Mail Order Bookshop for the best maritime books, photocopied listing pages (2) showing, ‘A Sailor Boy’s Experience Aboard a Slave Ship’, originally published in 1867 and recounting Samuel Robinson’s experiences.
  3. The Guardian Newspaper, Context p29, article on the author C L R James by Margaret Busby. Sunday 3 August, 1996
  4. Baobab Books Catalogue, Fiction and Non-Fiction book listings. The Sales Department, 4 Conrad Road, Graniteside, Box 567, Harare, Zimbabwe, 1996
  5. Financial Times Newspaper, Weekend FT, p XI, August 10 & 11, 1996. ‘Ethiopia: seven years late or six hours early’, article by Nicholas Woodsworth, with image taken from African Zion, The Sacred Art of Ethiopia, Yale University Press.
  6. The Guardian Newspaper, photocopied article ‘Grant wants memorial to slaves’ Labour MP Bernie Grant visits Devon cove where 150 died in hold of wreck. Monday 3 March, 1997
  7. The VOICE Britain’s Best Black Paper, Interview with writer Abdulrazak Gurnah, ‘Walking out a revolution’ p 22, 19 May, 1997
  8. Prospero’s Isle Zanzibar, newspaper supplement magazine article on Zanzibar, 4 colour pages.
  9. The Guardian Weekend 25 January, 1997, Travel special article, ‘Desert island bliss’ by Rebecca Smithers on Grand Comore. Pages 44, 45 and 47
  10. The VOICE Britain’s Best Black Paper, pages 4 and 5, article regarding Bernie Grant Labour MP, ‘Bernie To Fight Village Darkie Day’ by Garfield Myrie, and also article ‘Slavery: still relevant?’, on p 4. 26 January, 1998
  11. Newspaper obituary with image on Minnette de Silva ‘Asian Woman Architect’ by Dennis Sharp, 1998
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