Box 7 Contents – Images 1980s

  1. Black British Cultural Studies A Reader, book cover, colour photocopy image, Freedom and Change by Lubaina Himid, 1984
  2. Roundhouse Mural by Lubaina Himid (b/w Image, loose page). Ronald Tramplin, ed, The Arts – History of the 20th Century – Global Cross Currents, page 217
  3. Framing Feminism and the Woman’s Movement 1970 – 1985, Griselda Pollock & Rozsita Parker. Proof of book cover image ‘Between The Two My Heart is Balanced’ by Lubaina Himid
  4. The Workshop Façade Prior to March 1988, Lenthall Road Workshop. Photograph, b/w. Description label on reverse
  5. Lenthall Road Print Workshop – Two of the workers in front of the building, b/w photograph 1989
  6. Book Cover 1989, hardback, Passion Discourses on Blackwomen’s Creativity, edited and introduced by Maud Sulter, colour image ‘Freedom and Change II’ by Lubaina Himid
  7. Lubaina Himid and Maud Sulter – b/w Contact sheet
  8. Lubaina Himid, Three Women at the Fountain, 1985 b/w photograph, notes on reverse of measurement and placing in the catalogue
  9. Lubaina Himid, Pandora’s Box detail, 1983, b/w photograph with size notes on back.


  10. Maud Sulter, b/w Image. Blackwomenwriters, Gen Double Issue Literary Supplement. Magazine front cover


  11. Marlene Smith, Poem and b/w Image on A4 paper
  12. Ingrid Pollard, b/w photograph of the artist
  13. Photograph of boat on water, b/w. From SPHINX, photo credit Maud Sulter. Notes on reverse
  14. Lubaina Himid, b/w photograph of MIRROR/CLOTH/BOWL, 1986. Notes on reverse measurement and catalogue page
  15. Ingrid Pollard photograph with 5 Black Boy Images, colour


  16. Lubaina Himid, Hannibal’s sister, colour image, 1989. Painting dimensions on reverse
  17. Capital Art Studio, Zanzibar, Tanzania, 13 b/w photographs
  18. Claudette Johnson b/w Image, photograph x 2
  19. Lubaina Himid, Scenes From The Life Of Toussaint L’Ouverture (No.5 of 15), Colour Postcard
  20. Group b/w photograph of staff and students on steps of Avenham Building. Lubaina Himid seated far left, front row. David Knight back row third from left
  21. Ingrid Pollard b/w photograph of Director Wendy Williamson with Carole Williamson Reid on set of Castles of Sand
  22. Anti-Botha demonstration, b/w image
  23. Pamela Marga (?) dances with Judith Drumers, b/w image


  24. Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe b/w photograph showing man with hat
  25. Maud Sulter seated by bookcase, small b/w photograph
  26. Maud Sulter in front of patterned textile, 2 b/w photographs
  27. Zarina Bhimji, b/w photo card from Intimate Distance
  28. Jane Quick To See smith, 4, colour slides – Into The Dusk, Sage and Sweetgrass, Pictures at an Exhibition, Gifts of Red Cloth, oil on canvas works
  29. Lubaina Himid, 1, colour slide, Mirror/ Cloth/ Bowl, 1986
  30. Lubaina Himid, 9 b/w Ilford negatives of the artist. 20 negatives of paintings and 3 negatives of a cut out work. Numbered label 6027
  31. Augusta Savage, b/w photocopy image of book cover, Augusta Savage And The Art Schools of Harlem, published 1988
  32. Aldith Venair, Fiona Walker, Ling Tang and Suandi, b/w photograph from Once Upon A Time…An Exhibition of Pictures and Words by Black Women Artists
  33. Delta Street performance photograph, b/w


  34. Bhajan Hunjan, B/w photograph, marked 1/4, View Within, dated 1988
  35. Bhajan Hunjan, B/w photograph, marked 7/10, In the midst, dated Nov, 1988
  36. Robyn Kahukiwa, colour photograph, (I Live) Tihei Mauri Ora, oil on board, 1984
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