Box 10 Contents – Posters

  1. Fishing, sets and costume by Lubaina Himid – Battersea Arts Centre-Event Poster, Nov 29 – Dec 3
  2. One Spirit Gallery, London, Chila Kumari Burman. Exhibition of Prints and Paintings, 24 Feb – 24 Mar – Exhibition Poster
  3. Designs On Gender, Monday 30 Jan – Friday 3 Feb, The Polytechnic, Wolverhampton, A series of talks, films and performances. Craft demonstrations and exhibitions – Poster
  4. Testimony – Brenda Agard, Ingrid Pollard and Maud Sulter- Three Blackwomen Photographers Exhibition Poster, 1986 (Supported by Yorkshire Arts) Camerawork
  5. Testimony – Three Blackwomen Photographers, Camerawork, London. Exhibition Poster, 1986
  6. Unrecorded Truths, Lubaina Himid 16 Apr –16 May, The Elbow Room –Information Poster, 1986
  7. A Fashionable Marriage, Lubaina Himid, The Pentonville Gallery, London, 27 Nov – 20 Dec, 1986 – Exhibition Poster x 2
  8. The Photographers’ Gallery, D-MAX – David A Bailey, Marc booth, Gilbert John, Zak Ove and Ingrid Pollard – 5+8 Newport Street, London – Exhibition Poster, 1986
  9. Sphinx, Maud Sulter – A Black Photographic Herstory, The Pavilion, Leeds 15 Sept – 24 Oct, 1987 – Information Poster
  10. Gold Blooded Warrior, Lubaina Himid and Maud Sulter- Exhibition Poster 1988
  11. Passion, Maud Sulter –Rochdale Art gallery, Rochdale, Information Poster (Published by Elbow Room 1989)
  12. Open Our Eyes, images of and for our children. Annette Sylvester, Rhona Harriette, Glynis Neslen, Sherlee Mitchell, Poster from Obaala, The Black Art Gallery, a pan- afrikan artspace, 225 Seven Sisters Road, London, N4 2DA, 14 January – 20 February 1988
  13. Revelations Of Black II, The Black Arts Alliance, Poster, Benjamin Zephaniah, with Bannerjee, Sisters W’Jay Ibot, Fusion Beat, Moribo Drummers, Jamal Malmood, Lemn Sissay, The Jamaican Folk Ensemble, Suandi, Kantamanto, Raagrang, Abena & Colin-Smooth Johnson, John Lyons, Uujama Theatre, Vinata Godbole, at The Royal Exchange Theatre, St Ann’s Square, Manchester, 2pm, Sunday 25 September


  14. Breaking That Bondage/Plotting That Course art about GARVEY, Marcus Garvey ‘The Blackest Star’, Poster, The Africa Centre, 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2 8JT, Wednesday 6 July from 6:00 – 8:00pm, exhibition continues until 5 August, 1988
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