Box 25 Contents – Listings 1991–1997

  1. News from Silver Moon, Silver Moon Quarterly Number 18. Listing PASSION Discourses On Blackwomen’s Creativity, Edited and Introduced by Maud Sulter, Photography by Ingrid Pollard, UFP. 68 Charing Cross Road, London, WC2H 0BB, 1991
  2. Whats On, The ARTS Centre Listing Guide, May, June, July, August 1992, Listing Maud Sulter: Hysteria Exhibition, Art installation at Myles Meehan Gallery, 12 June – 25 July, with accompanying image ‘Primavera’ by Maud Sulter, page 10, 1992
  3. South Bank Centre Listing Guide, May 1993, listing on p.11, Revenge A Masque In Five Tableau Exhibition by Lubaina Himid, with accompanying image ‘Five’ 1991, by Lubaina Himid. Foyer Galleries from 27 April – 6 June, 1993
  4. The List Glasgow and Edinburgh Events Guide, 4 – 17 June 1993, Issue 202, listing on p.60, Transmission Gallery, Stan Douglas Hors-Champs, 8 June – 3 July, 1993. Transmission Gallery, 28 King Street, Glasgow
  5. The List Glasgow and Edinburgh Events Guide, 11-24 February 1994, Issue 220, listing on p.52, Transmission Gallery, Vernay’s Studio by Lubaina Himid, re-creates an 18th century artist’s studio, until 26 February 1994, Transmission Gallery, 28 King Street, Glasgow
  6. IKON Gallery Listing Guide August – October 1995, Self Evident Exhibition New Commissions by Oladele Ajiboye Bamgboye, Ingrid Pollard and Maxine Walker in response to studio portraits by Seydou Keita and Mama Casset. 12 August – 16 September, 1994. Front cover image by Seydou Keita, 1951, inner page image of Ingrid Pollard, 1994
  7. Artist Newsletter Whats On listings, April 1997, photocopy of p.33, Representing Lives, Hilary Cartmel, Lubaina Himid, Sonia Lawson, Denise Weston, Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture, 30 June – 26 July, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University, Dryden Street, Nottingham. Also image of Zulu Land, lino cut, by John Muafangejo at Brunei Gallery, London 1997
  8. Artist Newsletter Whats On listings, May 1997, photocopy of p.21, Lubaina Himid, Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston, works from the recent Beach House series and a new series entitled Venetian Maps. 14 May – 21 June 1997. Accompanying image of Weave by Lubaina Himid, 1994, from the Beach House series. Review by Mark Dawes. Also with the exhibition, a book-making workshop for children with artist and writer Maud Sulter
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