Black Artists Catalogue Collection

This collection of black artists catalogues include some unique and now quite rare examples of publications although it is not a comprehensive collection it does include an important and useful overview of some of the artists working and exhibiting in the 1980’s +90’s. The collection is housed in the OpenArchive at the Centre for Contemporary Art.

The catalogue collection includes:

Paintings 1981 – 84 Jean Michel Basquiat

20 Years of Painting,Sculpture,Performance 1984 Faith Ringgold

Caribbean Expressions in Britain1986 Leicestershire Museums

New Works 1987 Magdalene Odundo

Cultural Production with Photographic Practices 87 David A Bailey

D Max 1987 David A Bailey

The Art Schools of Harlem 1988 Augusta Savage

Television Spots 1988 Stan Douglas

The Essential Black Art 1988 Chisenhale Gallery

The English Landscape 1989 David A Bailey

Let The Canvas Come To Life With Dark Faces 1990 Eddie Chambers

Step Into The Arena 1991 Keith Piper

Exhibition 1991 Lorna Simpson

Exhibition 1991 William T Williams

The Black Family 1992 Wisconsin Haggerty Museum of Art

I Will Always Be Here 1992 Zarina Bhimji

Ten Critical Decade Spring 1992 David Bailey + Prof Stuart Hall

Lick My Black Art 1993 Fiona Foley

Trophies of Empire 1993 Bluecoat

Works 1983-93 1994 Andre Serrano

You 1994 Adrian Piper

Hidden Histories/Heritage Stories 1994 Ingrid Pollard

Epiphany 1994 Jan Wade

Works 1985 – 95 Robin Kahukiwa Toi Ata

Vital 1995 Tate Liverpool

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