Drowned Orchard Secret Boatyard

Drowned Orchard Secret Boatyard at The Gwangju Biennale 2014 Burning Down The House. The paintings displayed in various vitrines and alongside dioramas in the Gwangju Folk Museum questioned the prized aspects of everyday life, Lubaina Himid  interrogated how the changing means of production and consumption, while encouraging increased material wealth and comfort, also result in the loss of basic making skills and ordinary people’s ability to make do and mend. This work complemented and continued her work in the Biennale Halls; the painted installation  Drowned Orchard Secret Boatyard. Himid states that : “In a world filled with the struggle for fixed identities played out through threats of penetrated borders, there is a danger that protecting territory will lead to isolation and that striding forward will end with an empty past”


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