Harris Museum Black History Collection

The Harris Museum’s collections contain a number of items of interest for individuals researching Black History. There is not a large volume of material, but research into individual items continues to unlock their potential to tell positive Black History stories, from the archaeology of the Ancient African Civilisation of Egypt to Preston’s Caribbean Carnival, the coins of Roman Emperor – Septimius Severus – to works of art by Lubaina Himid.


This collection is held by the Harris Museum & Art Gallery in Preston. For ease of viewing it appears in three parts – see also Part 2 and Part 3

If you would like to know more about any of the material listed here please get in touch with James Arnold, History Curator at the Harris Museum & Art Gallery j.arnold@preston.gov.uk

With the contribution of researchers this list will continue to grow and make connections with other collections in Preston, Lancashire and further afield.

Feel free to download the list of the Harris’ Black History collection – download part 1

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