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Art, Science, and Cross-Cultural Encounters
Symposium at Liverpool University

Texts and Embodiments’ at the University of Liverpool is a cross-disciplinary research project for scholars in Literature, Science, Fine Arts & Medical Humanities. This multi-disciplinary hub stages cutting-edge research and novel ideas of cross-cultural dialogue in the form of annually themed events (conferences, workshops, art competitions, exhibitions, and other public engagement programmes).

Our local research input and contributions from national and international colleagues will be showcased in our book series: ‘Texts and Embodiments in Perspective’, while general and special issues in The International Journal of Literature and Psychology (IJLP) include selection and expansion of material presented in our conferences. The project invites proposals for monographs and edited volumes for the book series. Also we continuously welcome essays, articles, and different types of academic reviews (including book and project reviews) for consideration in IJLP.

The major aim of ‘Embodiments’ is to raise awareness of overlapping themes in humanities and sciences, particularly discussing controversial areas which seem to attract  separate investigations rather than practically engaging with other fields. We specifically welcome research with clear focus and beyond geographical borders, addressing the mind-body connection and accordingly humanities-sciences deliberations. We explore the complexities of “human nature” in its mental and physical domains.

If you are interested to attend our events, contribute, and communicate your specific area of research, visit relevant links on this website, our blog http://paranoiapain.wordpress.com  and also feel free to follow us on twitter @Embodiments
For more details go to http://embodiments.liv.ac.uk

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