Catalogues – Black Men

ANATSUI, ElA Sculpted History of AfricaSaffron Books/October Gallery LondonCatalogue1998ISBN 1-872843-14-X
ARAEEN, RasheedThe Essential Black Art + Kala Press Catalogue 1988ISBN 0 947753 02 8
BAILEY, David, A.Cultual Productions within Photographic PracticesMappin Art Gallery-Untitled GalleryBrochure1987ISBN 0 86321 061 9
BAILEY, David, A. and MERCER, KobenaBlack Bodyscapes Photographs by AjamuDavid A BaileyCatalogue1994ISBN 0 9523680 0 5
BASQUIAT, Jean-MichelPaintings The Fruitmarket Gallery Catalogue 1984ISBN 0 947912 00 2
BASQUIAT, Jean-MichelJean-Michel BasquiatSerpentine PublicationCatalogue1996
BRETT, GuyRasheed Araeen Making Myself VisibleKala Press LondonPaperback1984ISBN 0 947753 00 1
BURY, StephenRecordings: A Select Bibliography of Contemporary African, Afro-Caribbean and Asian British ArtInstitute of International Visual ArtsPaperback1996ISBN 1-899846-06-9
CHAMBERS, EddieBritish FlagInivaCatalogueISBN 0 9513290 3 0
DONKOR, GodfriedPeople of UtopiaARTCO PublishingHardback2011ISBN 978-3-87448-354-4
DOUGLAS, StanJourney into FearSerpentine GalleryHardback2002ISBN 3-88375-554-0
GIBSON, AnnJoe Overstreet: Works From 1957 To 1993New Jersey State Museum, TrentonCatalogue1996
GUPTA, SunilMonographAutograph PublishingPaperback1997ISBN 1-899282-35-1
HENATSCH, MartinRomuald Hazoume My Paradise - Made in Porto-NovoHerbert-Gerisch-Stoftim. Mei,imsterHardback2010ISBN 978-3-7757-2645-0
INGBERMAN, JeanetteJimmie Durham The Bishop's Moose and the Pinkerton MenExit ArtCatalogue1990
JONES, BenThe ART of the JOURNEY A RetrospectiveJuan LopezPaperback2008ISBN 0-9791130-0-8
KANDHOLA, Peter, MaxMonographAutograph PublishingBrochure1994ISBN 1 889282 02 5
KOENING, Robert JWilliam T Williams 14 PaintingsThe Montclair Art MuseumCatalogue1991ISBN 0-936489-42-1
LESDEMA, EricMonographAutograph PublishingBrochure1995ISBN 1-899282-15-7
LEWIS, DaveMonographAutograph PublishingBrochure1995ISBN 1-899282-30-0
LEWIS, NormanFrom the Harlem Renaissance to Abstraction (2 Copies)Kenkeleba Gallery New YorkPaperback1989ISBN 0-89062-241-8
LINDOP, Barbara & EYENE, ChristineEXILES Drawings By Gerard SekotoAfronova 2008Paperback2008ISBN 978-0-620-42001-3
LIPPARD, Lucy, R.The Art Of Whitfield Lovell, Whispers From The WallsPomegranate, San FranciscoPaperback2003ISBN 0-7649-2447-8
LOCKE, HewStanger In Paradiseblack dog publishing londonHardback2011ISBN 978 1 907317 38 5
MANCOBA, ErnestDrawings & Paintings from the Studio Ernest MancobaStevensonPaperback2014
NEVES, EustaquioMonographAutograph PublishingBrochure1995ISBN 899282-10-6
NICHOLS, MiriamStan Douglas Television SpotsContemporary Art Gallery, VancouverCatalogue1988ISBN 0-920751-23-7
PALMER, Eugene Eugene Palmer Paintings from 1983 - 1993Norwich Gallery and InivaCatalogue1993ISBN 1 872482 11 2
PEYTON-JONES, Julia, Borchardt-Hume, Achim, et alStan Douglas Journey into FearSerpentine GalleryCatalogue2002
PIPER, AdrianYouCornerhouse Gallery, ManchesterCatalogue1991ISBN 0 907594 37 9
PIPER, KeithStep Into The Arena Notes On Black Masculinity & The Contest Of TerrorRochdale Art GalleryCatalogue1991
PIPER, KeithKeith Piper: Relocating the RemainsINIVA Exhibition BrochureBrochure1997
PIPER, KeithDonald Rodney in retrospectINIVA Exhibition GuideCatalogue2008
RODNEY, DonaldDonald Rodney DoublethinkAutograph PublishingCatalogue2003ISBN 1 899282 90 4
SCHMIDT CAMPBELL, Dr. Mary Jack Whitten: Ten Years 1970-1980The Studio Museum HarlemCatalogue1984LCCC 83-50685
SEMPLAY, JagtarMonographAutograph PublishingBrochure1994ISBN 1 889282 03 0
SERRANO, AndresAndres Serrano -Works 1983-1993ICA PhiladelphiaCatalogue 1994ISBN 0-88454-079-0
TITLEY, WilliamINSPIRE 2011 - 2014Café Royal and William Titley BooksCatalogue2014
TITLEY, WilliamLahore ChandigarhCafé Royal and William Titley BooksPaperback2012ISBN 978-0-9554693-9-8
TITLEY, WilliamDemolition St.Arts Council England, Uclan, LCCPaperback
WAKASHE, ThembaSong for Sekoto Gerard Sekoto 1913-2013 (2 Copies)The Gerard Sekoto FoundationCatalogue2013ISBN 978-0-620-56164-8
WARHOL, Andy, Jean-Michel BasquiatCollaborationsThe Mayor Rowan Gallery LondonCatalogue 1988
WATSON, Scott, THATER, Diana, CLOVER, Carol JStan DouglasPhaidonCatalogue1998ISBN 0-7148-3796-2
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