Open Sesame DVD

Open Sesame launched in 2005 reveals black artist’s experiences of the Tate galleries: Tate Britain , Modern, Liverpool and St Ives from both artist and audience points of view.  The research included visits to Tate gallery archives, meetings with education officers and other relevant people and several on-going meetings and interviews with black artists.  We filmed on location at all four Tate galleries as well as on visits to various artist’s studios.

Open Sesame was the first in a series of publication research resource documents in which Tate and Uclan in collaboration have sought to develop their work around the impact of past, current and possible future exhibitions, displays, competitions and collecting strategies initiated by Tate in relation to artists of African, Asian and Caribbean descent.

We are working on the idea that an answer to increasing the development of a diverse audience lies in an engagement with African/Caribbean artists about their experience of Tate.  (Short extract)

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