The Point of Collection

Tate/UCLan Film Project – Making Histories Visible Collaborative project led by Professor Lubaina Himid The Point of Collection is the second DVD and publication research resource document, this time exploring the entire national collection at Tate including accessing works in the Tate store, which are not available to view on the Tate web site. Sample Text […]

Open Sesame Tate/Uclan Film Project

Collaborative project led by Professor Lubaina Himid. Open Sesame launched in 2005, reveals black artist’s experiences of the Tate galleries: Tate Britain, Modern, Liverpool and St Ives from both artist and audience points of view. The research included visits to Tate gallery archives, meetings with education officers and other relevant people and several on-going meetings and […]

Naming the Money Catalogue – Hatton Gallery 2004

Selected text from Naming The Money Catalogue  The idea of a portrait as the likeness of a person, and to some extent a revelation of the inner character, is turned on its head when examining portraits of black servants. Whilst undoubtedly they often do record appearance, this is rarely their primary purpose. Particularly in those paintings where […]