Digital Africa: The Future Is Now

Conceived as part of Africa Utopia 2014, Digital Africa brings together sonic experiments, video works presented on 3 screens, and a live performance by artists working in Africa and the Diaspora. Most of whom have never been presented in the UK before. The project takes its cue from the notion of utopia as a concept allowing the […]

BOZAR – Where We’re At!

Where We’re At! Other voices on gender Brings together women photographers and video artists of African, Caribbean and Pacific cultural background, developing gender discourses in their art. Conceived as part of the Summer of Photography 2014 centered on Gender Relations, the project presents the work of practitioners who have made significant contributions to the participation […]

Meanwhile in Africa…

This is an edited version of the English text read in French at ‘Magiciens de la Terre/Colloque 2014’ on 27 March 2014. “Meanwhile, in Africa…” Christine Eyene First of all I would like to thank the audience for attending this long session. I would also like to thank the Centre Pompidou for this invitation which is for […]